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Ordering Our quilting is done on a Gammill Quilting Machine. To order pattern quilting for your quilt on line first browse our pentagrams (pattern) page to pick out the pattern you want stitched on your quilt (if you want custom quilting please specify instructions in custom quilting box below. Print and complete the form. Box it up with your quilt and send to the address below. The quilt backing (2" bigger than quilt top) will also need to be shipped along with the information from this form to:

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________


Day Phone: __________________________________________

Evening Phone: __________________________________________

E-Mail: __________________________________________

Quilt Size: __________________________________________

Quilt Design: __________________________________________

Quilt Colors: __________________________________________

Batting: __________________________________________

Date Sent: __________________________________________

Pattern Name: __________________________________________

Custom quilting information:
Custom quilting is $20. an hour (basic prices are listed separately). After you tell us what you want done we will get back with you as to the exact price.


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Your credit card number: __________________________________________

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