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Folklore Block a Month by Sue Spargo Join Now!
Every month for 19 months you will receive enough fabrics for each block or row! Very easy, just follow the book as Sue has divided this quilt up for us with well written instructions! We will stay within the same colorway as the picture shows. We will be using cottons, flannels and hand dyed and felted wools for this block a month. Borders included.
Quilt is 48 x 46.
Book Sold Separately.
Can sign up anytime!
Folklore Block a Month by Sue Spargo

Ref # bom_folklore

JOIN Folklore Block a Month For 19 Months Without Book --was 20.95 Ea $ 18.86
Folklore Book For Block a Month Only $19.95 --was 25.00 Ea $ 22.50

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