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Decimal.125.25.375.5.625 .75.875
Example: 1 1/8 yards would be entered as 1.125

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Bertie's Spring by Maywood Grey Plaid

Black Velvet Flannel by Maywood

Deep Brown Herringbone Flannel by Maywood

Black Tweed Flannel by Maywood

Tan Tweed Flannel by Maywood

Ecru Tweed Flannel by Maywood

Espresso Plaid Flannel by Maywood

Maywood Woolies Flannel Burgundy

Bertie's Spring by Maywood Houndstooth Blue

Black Flannel by Robert Kaufman

Maywood Woolies Flannel Violet

Bertie's Spring by Maywood Dots

Bertie's Spring by Maywood Dots

Bertie's Spring by Maywood Dots

Marcus Brother Flannel Maple Lake Red

Marcus Brother Flannel Maple Lake Brown

Maywood Woolies Flannel For Bertie's Spice Herringbone

Maywood Woolies Flannel Dark Slate

Maywood Woolies Flannel Navy

Maywood Woolies Flannel Tiny Midnight Blue Houndstooth

Maywood Woolies Flannel Violet Plaid


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