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Washington Medallion Block a Month JOIN NOW!!
Every month for 12 months you will receive enough fabrics and the pattern. We will stay within the same colorway as the picture shows. The fabrics used in this quilt are different values of blues, browns, creams, and greens.
Quilt is 84.5 x 84.5. The center is the first month with it being the Feathered Star. This is foundation pieced and it has step to step instructions. This quilt is designed to learn new techniques each month. Easy instructions for each month.
1st Month charge will be $57.95 for all background and 1st month.
Can sign up anytime!

Ref # bom_washingtonmedallionxx

Join Washington Medallion Block a Month. 1st Month is $57.95 For All Backgrounds, Block 1 and the Pattern. Month 2-12 is $22.45 --was 24.95 Ea $ 22.45

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