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Folk Tails Block a Month Join Now!
Every month for 31 months you will receive enough hand dyed felted wools, a bit of cottons and flannels to add to the mix for the whole quilt top. We will be using teal wool background as she suggests with a bit of herringbone, plaids and checks.
Book is needed for the block a month, Folk-Tails.
Quilt measures 37.5 x 43.5
Can sign up anytime!

Wool applique, layering, and embroidery quilt.
The Folk-tails Story… by Sue Spargo
Africa is deeply embedded in my soul. Childhood memories continually fill my mind… the beauty of the land that is rich with wildlife and wild land. I can feel the hot African sun and dry breeze on my skin, the warm, rough sand beneath my bare feet, the smell of the bushveld — dusty and dry and filled with the scent of the animals that live there. I can see the sky so clear and so blue. Nightfall brings a massive river of shimmering stars that span the sky. The land is spotted with dense clusters of trees; the bare branches of the Baobab look like roots extending to the sky. Masses of tall grasses camouflage the seemingly endless numbers of animals that live there. I hear the songs of a thousand birds during the day and the silence of a pitch black night is at times broken by the roar of a lion which shakes my body and cuts straight through my soul…
For years I have wanted to make a quilt filled with these memories but when I put pen to paper each sketch fell short. It was important to me that this piece encompassed each and every memory, and that once finished, it was a vast canvas that told my story without a single word needing to be expressed.
Along with the design I wanted to incorporate everything I have come to love as a designer of 12 years. My love of bright vibrant colors, hand dyed wools, creating dimension with layering of velvets and textural fabrics along with my new found love for creative embroidery.

Ref # bom_0000folktailsm

Join Folk-Tails Block a Month --was 18.95 Ea $ 17.05
Folk-Tails Book --was 32.00 Ea $ 28.80

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