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Caswell Quilt Made With Cotton & Wools by Patty Nelson
What a beautiful quilt Patty!! She purchased the block a month from us at the Cotton Patch!!
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Ref # quilt_00pattycaswell      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Night Before Christmas Quilt by Brenda Ming
I've always LOVED this quilt!
Thank you for sharing Brenda!

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Ref # quilt_nightbeforechristmas      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Susan's Rohne Afternoon Delight
Just wanted to show you my finished quilt, one of my most favorite quilts I've ever enjoyed making - from start to finish. Thank you for great fabrics in your kit and especially to Sue Garman for creating this "delightful" quilt!

Susan was in our Afternoon Delight Block a Month!
I love this quilt!!

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Ref # quilt_00afternoondelight      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Afternoon Delight Sue's Journey
Sue is in the process of making this block a month with us.
I love it!

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Ref # quilt_afternoondelight      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

My Favorite Things by Jodi
Embroidery and pieced
Beautiful Quilt!!

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Ref # quilt_jodimyfavorite      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Olde World Santa by Jodi
Embroidery and pieced
Beautiful Quilt!!

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Ref # quilt_jodioldworld      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Kathy's Where The Cows Come Home Quilt
This is made from one of our block a months!
Beautiful Job!!

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Ref # quilt_kathyswhere      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Rainbow Star by Sherry
I wanted to share with you my finished quilt top. It's your BOM Rainbow Star minus the appliqué. It's still a work in progress.


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Ref # quilt_rainbowstars      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Iaci's Tavern Blues Quilt
Love this, what a beautiful quilt!
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Ref # quilt_tavernblue      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Kathy's Merrie Halloween Quilt
Merrie Halloween quilt made by Kathy! One of our block a months she was in.
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Ref # quilt_kathyshalloween      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Mill Girls Holiday Quilt by Barbara
Beautiful quilt made by Barbara! She bought the kit from us!
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Ref # quilt_000millgirls      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

QUILT SHOW.......Show Us Your Finished Quilts!!
Send us my email or regular mail a photo of your quilt! We will display it here for you! Please include your name and state!

This is the quilt I made for my granddaughter Harlie!

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Ref # quiltshow      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Sheryl Yoder's Quail Hollow Quilt
This was a block a month that we had that Sheryl had joined.
Beautiful quilt Sheryl!!

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Ref # quilt_sherylyoder      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Janet's Quilt
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Ref # quilt_janet      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Shari Thompson's Quilt
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Ref # quilt_shari      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Ann Neiber from South Dakota Quilt Made For Raffle
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Ref # quiltshow_annneiber      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Quilt Made by Ann Neiber from South Dakota Made For Quilt Raffel
Beautiful Quilt!
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Ref # quiltshop_annneiber1      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Quilt Made by Ann Neiber from South Dakota Made For Quilt Raffel
Another beautiful Quilt!
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Ref # quiltshow_annneiber2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Fan Dance by La Vona !
Fan Dance
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Ref # fancdance      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Mary Ammerman's Quilt made for Christmas Present
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Ref # quiltshow_mary1      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Mary Ammerman's Quilt made for Christmas Present
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Ref # quiltshow_mary2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Mary Ammerman's Quilt She Made
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Ref # quiltshow_mary4      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Deanna's Log Cabin Quilt
Beautiful scrappy log cabin quilt made by Deanna!
Love It!!

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Ref # quilt_deannalogcabin      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Mary Ammerman's Quilt
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Ref # quiltshow_mary3      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Terri LeBeff's Bible Quilt
Terri did our block a month: Bible Quilt
I just love this quilt!

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Ref # quilt_terrisbiblequilt      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Deana Kasch Quilt Jelly Roll Quilt
Beautiful Quilt Deana!
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Ref # quilt_deanakasch      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Deana Kasch Lover's Knot Quilt
Love the colors!
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Ref # quilt_deanakasch4      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Prairie Dolls Quilt by Ethel Devine
Prairie Dolls Quilts is a block a month that Ethel let me know about. We've had this for a block a month that has been very popular!
Thank you Ethel!

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Ref # quilt_etheldolls1      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Prairie Dolls Quilt by Ethel Devine's 2nd Quilt
Ethel Devine's 2nd quilt Prairie Dolls
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Ref # quilt_etheldolls2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Deana Kasch Quilt 2
Deana Kasch Quilt!
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Ref # quiltshow_deana2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Prairie Doll Quilt by Ethel Devine 3rd Quilt
Ethel Devine Prairie Doll Quilt
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Ref # quilt_etheldolls3      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Deana Kasch Quilts
Deana Kasch Quilts!
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Ref # quiltshow_deana1      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Prairie Dolls Quilt by Ethel Devine 4th Quilt
Prairie Doll quilt by Ethel Devine
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Ref # quilt_etheldolls4      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Quilt Made by Kathy Moorman
Great job Kathy!
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Ref # quilt_kathymoorman      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Quilt Made by Kathy Moorman
Love this!
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Ref # quilt_kathymoorman2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Special Delivery Quilt by Jill Gratrix
Jill made this quilt from Patrick Lose book.
Very Cute!!

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Ref # specialdeliverybyjill      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Gingerbread Joy Quilt by Helen Schmitt
Wonderful Christmas quilt by Helen Schmitt from Balltown, Iowa!
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Ref # gingerbreadmen      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Colleen Collin's Backyard Gatherings Quilt
Beautiful quilt! We have this as a block a month! Just Beautiful!!
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Ref # quilt_colleencollins      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Colleen Collins Ocean View
Love this quilt! Beautiful!
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Ref # quilt_colleencollinsocean      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Cecile Flegg From Donegal Ireland
This quilt was made by Cecile and her friend Sharon Phillips from Midland Michigan(see next quilt). These ladies met online by doing the Sister's Blocks Exchange that the Cotton Patch offered starting in 2005. We did these for a few years and Cecile & Sharon were always the first ones to sign up. I gave everyone each others email address in case they wanted to contact one another. These two ladies formed a bound that will last a life time. They decided on doing these quilts and emailed and called one another back in forth for sometime. The story on them are in the magazine, Irish Quilt & Crafts. Beautiful quilts from beautiful women!!
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Ref # quilt_cecile      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Dorothy Dowell's Granddaughter Alicia's Quilt
Dorothy found an old quilt magazine at a thrift store. The pattern was for a table runner and she made up the rest of the design. All the edges of the applique are turned under with no fusible!
Great Job!!

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Ref # dorothy_dowell      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Dawn Krol's 1st Quilt Made...Tumbling Blocks!
Great quilt for your 1st one! WOW!!
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Ref # quilt_dawnkrol1      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Dawn Krol's 2nd Quilt Pinwheels
This was made for her daughter! The quilt on the edge of the bed was blocks with sayings on them. And she cross stitched the pillow as well!
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Ref # quilt_dawnkrol4      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

Dawn Krol's A Slice of Christmas for Son In Law
Love this and she needle turned!!
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Ref # quilt_dawnkrol2      $0.00 ea         Quantity:  

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