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Bag Ladies Embroidery Pre-Printed & Pre-Colored Block a Month SOLD OUT
The Bag Ladies is a series of 12 Bag Ladies that are pre-printed and pre-colored. They are completed with basic embroidery stitches. Charms are not included.

Each pattern contains the instructions to complete and also contains a pre-printed, pre-colored fabric design. The design is printed on 8.5 x 11 inch natural muslin fabric and has a wax paper backing. The wax paper backing you removed and then is embroidered. You can make a throw, pillow panel, or can also be framed.

Can sign up anytime!

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Click on Checkout Stand and add your information. Once I receive your order you will automatically receive your blocks monthly!
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Ref # bom_bagladiessernestine      $12.00 ea         Quantity:  

Woolen Pinkeepers A Month SOLD OUT
Every month for 12 months you will receive enough hand dyed felted wools for the top, backing and the pattern. We will be using marbled, plaids, stripes, herringbone, tweeds, houndstooth wools.

Each are different sizes.
Can sign up anytime!
Woolen Pinkeepers A Month

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Ref # bom_woolenpinkeepersall      $16.95 ea         Quantity:  

Frosty's Christmas Block a Month SOLD OUT
Every month for 12 months you will receive enough cotton fabrics for the top. We will stay within the same color way.
Measures 69.5 x 74.5
Can sign up anytime!

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Ref # bom_frostyschristmasa      $21.95 ea         Quantity:  

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