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Baltimore Glory Quilt Kit & Patterns
You will receive enough fabrics for the top and the patterns. We will stay within the same color way as the picture shows.
Quilt measures 87.5 x 87.5

Baltimore Glory is a wonderful album quilt that pays homage to the wonderful quilters of the 1850s who made some of the most elegant quilts of their era. With a penchant for excess, the quilts were a symphony of rich colors, symbolism, and beauty. Sue Garman's artistry continues the legacy of masterpiece quilts with this wonderful nine-block on-point layout of 15-inch (finished size) album blocks. The block-of-the-month has ten parts; the first nine patterns are each for a different album block and the tenth pattern provides instructions on setting the blocks and assembling the quilt top. The patterns for the blocks each contain guidance for pre-work, off-unit applique, illustrated order-of-applique, embellishment, and alternatives that can either simplify or "dress up" your quilt.

Ref # kit_baltimoreglory

Baltimore Glory All At Once With Patterns --was 299.50 Ea $224.62
Baltimore Glory All At Once Without Patterns --was 249.95 Ea $187.46

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