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Block a Months: How To Join & Shipping: CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS!!!

Joining A Block a Month or Club:
All you need to do is go in and click 1 and add to cart, then you will go to Check Out and give all of your information. Once we receive your order you are automatically joining the bom and we will be shipping these out to you every month. If you would like to receive 2 months at a time, please indicate this in the comments of the order form and we will ship them as requested.
You can join any block a month at any time. There is no starting date to any of our block a months. You can sign up anytime and your first one will be shipped out to you and then the following month until you have received all of the blocks.
We are only responsible for your block a months for one year after purchasing it if the fabrics have a specific fabric collection ordered for that block a month. After one year you cannot come back to us for more fabrics because the fabrics will not be available. You Can Sign Up For Any Block a Months Anytime!
We will be putting all of our block a months thru the register throughout the whole month.
If you already have a block a month going and would like to add another one on, place your order and in the comments tell us which one you are in and we'll add this new one on for you.
Any changes in your address or charge card number please call us with the new information. Toll free USA 877-362-6779 or email me at

All are shipped from the US post office. We can either ship Priority or in a manila envelope to you. BUT, you need to tell us which way you would like them to be shipped. We will be weighing each packet to see where it would fall, if it would be least expensive. Due to the borders being shipped: Borders will weigh more so we will also watch for this and ship least expensive way for you. If you are in more than 2 block a month programs we will also check to see the weight.

We offer over 300 different block a month programs! We offer all cottons, cottons and hand dyed and felted wools which are ready to use, homespuns and wools or all wools. We pride ourselves with our block a months. We've been cutting block a months for the last 15 years. If at any time you have a question all you need to do is phone us or email me and we'll get back to you asap!

Doni Butzin
Owner of The Cotton Patch

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We Carry Over 350 Different Block a Months* Great Fabrics, Kits* Wools* & More!!

Block a Months: How To Join & Shipping: CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS!!!


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