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Fraction1/81/43/81/25/83/4 7/8
Decimal.125.25.375.5.625 .75.875
Example: 1 1/8 yards would be entered as 1.125

Additional items in this category

Sea Breeze Window Pane Plaid Yarn

Blue Painterly Plaid by Maywood

Blue Antique Cotton by Marcus

Baltimore House Blue Paisley Reproduction

Baltimore House Wandering Vine Reproduction

Light Blue Marbled Marbled by Maywood

Blue Tonal Marble by Maywood

Paula Barnes by Marcus Brother Blue w/ Small Design

Blue Paula Barnes Companions by Marcus

Aged Muslin Midnight

Bree Fabric Collection by Nancy Halvorsen Blue

Lagoon Burlap Textured by Benartex

Wisdom Fabric Collection by Windham Fabrics

Aged Muslin Lagoon

Prairie Basic by Marcus Brother Blue

Light Blue Marbled Krystal

Blue Paula Barnes by Marcus

Blossom Fabrics Leaf Spray Toss

Pale Blue Marbled Krystal

Light Blue Marbled Krystal

Aged Muslin Indigo

Bree Fabric Collection by Nancy Halvorsen Aqua


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