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Measuring For Binding

For Straight Grain Binding Only:
Take your quilt once it is complete and measure around the whole
quilt. Example: Quilt is 40 x 50..add 40+40+50+50= 180 inches divide
this by the width of the fabric..I usually use 42
180 divided by 42 equals 4.29 x width that you need..which I use
3 1/2 inches for bindings = 15 inches needed for the quilt. I
would buy 18 inches or a 1/2 yd.
1. Measure around quilt
2. Divide by width of fabric your buying
3. Times this by the width of your binding size.
4. Divide by 36 inches

For Bias Binding:
If your quilt measures up to 200 inches you will need around 7/8 yd
If your quilt measures 200-350 inches you will need around 1 1/8 yds
If your quilt measures 350-525 inches you will need around 1 1/3 yds

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