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Ornament Swap Starting January 2020
If you are interested in joining our Ornament Swap starting in January you can sign up now! I will have groups of 12 people in each. That would mean that you will make up 12 of them and you will get 12 back by November 1st of 2020. The dead line to have them back to me will be October 1st 2020. I've had swaps done online for many years from my shop and they have always worked out well. If you join you MUST make them. There is no opting out once you've signed up. There are so many ornament patterns that you can buy so you can make whatever you'd like. We will have them with All 100% Felted Wools and All 100% Cottons. You must have a back sewn onto them.
*The ornaments are not to be any larger than 5 to 5 1/2 inches.
*Wool version the wool must be 100% Felted Wool. Top & Backing
*Cotton version must be Quilt Shop Only 100% Cottons. Top & Backing
*Must have them back to us on October 1st 2020. Please do not make me have to call you on this!
*Ornaments will be shipped back to you November 1st 2020.
**You will be charged for shipping the ornaments to you for $4 so please include your credit card number that will be good until November 2020. This will be the only cost to you from us. If you are joining from another country then I will weigh them and let you know the cost of shipping them back to you!
****Any questions can call me 989.362.6779 ask for Doni

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Join The Ornament Swap Starting January 2020 With All Cottons Ea $0
Join The Ornament Swap Starting January 2020 With All Wools Ea $0

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Ornament Swap Starting January 2020


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